Women Empowerment Programs


A section of women in a table banking meeting

We have a number of income generating activities at our project sites more so for the women in Kagan, Homa bay county where the organization supports them with seed capital for running small businesses to cater for their livelihoods.

Basket weaving and crafts making. The organization trains women from informal settlements on basket weaving and ornaments making, purchases raw African materials which the women use to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bags, baskets and even table mats. The sales accrued from these items are used to support the women and sustain the program as well.

A few years ago under women empowerment programs, the organization had a pilot heifer project, where the organization bought cows for a number of women to take care of them and the cows’ offspring’s and all other benefits attached to the cows’ were enjoyed by the beneficiaries. The project was a success and led to its second phase. In Kenya just like other countries in Africa, livestock are so beneficial to families as it provides milk and meat which helps in children physical and mental growth. Families that have several livestock can cater for their children’s school fee by selling a few cattle. We plan to increase the number of families that benefit from the project so as to increase the communities livelihood.

We have also introduced table banking concept in Kagan, Homabay where members in a group can safely save and can access loans to boost their small businesses based on their ability to pay back. The profits accrued from the interest are divided amongst the members at the end of every year. This concept is to ensure that the members have an access to soft loans for boosting their small businesses.



Some Of The Products The Women Are Able To Produce To Support Themselves


The Heifer Project